The Art of Political Resistance

 Weekly Calls 8 PM EST / 5 pm PST

Learn how to be a political activist and build a resistance movement. We will discuss what has been happening in real time during the week and figure out together an effective strategy to move forward.

Weekly calls are every THURSDAY at 8 pm EST / 5 PST. Calls are 60 minutes long.  

We are doing a group project --- we're developing the next Political Platform. Not for any party, not neccessarily evern for any country. Just a vision of the world that we want to co-creeate together.

All calls and Social Interest Groups are for Platinum and Gold members of The Good Men Project. You do not need to attend all calls---once you are a member you can drop in any time and participate whenever you like. 

Gold Membership is as low as $25 a year. Register here. 

To attend the workshop and/or the weekly calls that follow you must be a gold or platinum premium member of The Good Men Project community. 

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